jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

Ejea de los Caballeros!

Gaudeamus Korala ha sido admitido en la competición coral de Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza.
Gaudeamus competirá con su reciente nueva formación de voces blancas en esta competición en la modalidad de Adultos el primer fin de semana de Abril del 5 al 7. El certamen se llevará a cabo a lo largo del fin de semana. Esperamos veros allí para darnos vuestro apoyo!

3 comentarios:

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  2. We were second in the Adult cathegory to the pity of some :) We couldn´t participate in children or youth choir as we don´t have a complete choir in that range of age, and it seemed that there was someone afraid of our 7 years old children and their capability to win. Maybe we would have been first if there wouldn´t be someone trying to blame us for other things. Gaudeamus has always played fair and clean game in all competitions and doesn´t need to play any dirty tricks on others to win. That has never been our aim in a competition. If we have ever won we have been very proud of our hard work and if we haven´t, we have just learnt of our mistakes. Ejea was a competition to check our level with our new formation and we found out that we are a choir of quality, fair game and that enjoys singing. We have been like that for almost 20 years and we will continue the same way. Thanks for all supporters!

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